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A Woman’s Fight Against Sexual Harassment ( How I Fought Sexual Harassment At Work | Women )

Woman journalist wins case of wrongful termination

Woman journalist wins case of wrongful termination

Woman journalist wins case of wrongful termination

Sexual harassment at the workplace is no rare event for working women in India. Yet, very few know how to counter it. 

By Rina Mukherji


The Bengal Network and the Network of Women in Media, India scored a great victory when the labour suit filed by Rina Mukherji against the management of The Statesman, Kolkata, in the Industrial Tribunal was delivered in her favour on February 6, 2013. The Tribunal awarded her reinstatement with full back wages from the time of her termination in October 2002.

Ananya Chatterjee and Rajashri Dasgupta had taken up Rina’s case of sexual harassment at the workplace way back in 2002-03. Rina, who was a senior reporter with The Statesman, Kolkata, faced sexual harassment at the hands of the news co-ordinator of the newspaper. Her services were terminated on flimsy grounds when she dared to protest. Although the efforts of BengalNet and the West Bengal Commission for Women could not get her justice in the sexual harassment case, The Statesman was compelled to set up a sexual harassment complaints committee and institutionalise complaint mechanisms.

Unstoppable Rina has just won the Laadli Media Award (Eastern region) in the web category for her article: ‘Taboos take their toll on women’ written for Just Femme ( ), a website that is incidentally run by another NWMI member, Padmalatha Ravi.


On January 30, 2003, Bengal Network member Rina Mukherji wrote to the management of The Statesman, Kolkata, of sexual harassment  by  the news coordinator, and eventual termination of her services. On February 6, 2013,  the Industrial Tribunal ruled  in her favour (‘Woman journalist wins case of wrongful termination’), awarding her reinstatement with full back wages from the time of her termination in October 2002. Earlier reports on Rina’s case are given below.

1. Rina’s complaint to The Statesman, January 30, 2003
2. Rina’s complaint letter to the Bengal Network, February 9, 2003
3. Bengal Network letter to The Statesman, February 18, 2003
4. The Statesman’s reply to the Bengal Network, February 25, 2003
5. A victory for the Bengal Network,  February 28, 2003
6. Bengal Network letter to The Statesman‘s sexual harassment committee, March 20, 2003
7. Rina Mukherji’s case against The Statesman, undated
8. Rina Mukherji’s story in her own words, undated
9. S Anand’s letter of support to Rina, July 25, 2003
10. Rina Mukherji’s story in The Hoot : ‘Sexual harassment alleged at The Statesman’ July 28, 2003
11. Letter to the editor from staffers of The Statesman, undated 
12. Letter to editor by Oindrila Mukherjee, undated
13. Rina to NWMI, undated
14. Rina wins case against The Statesman, February 6, 2013
15. Rina’s story in Feminists India, February 13, 2013
16. Rina’s first-person account, February 2013

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Video story by Crime Patrol

Crime Patrol Dastak: Namrata Das’ decade long fight for justice against Sexual Harassment at workplace (Episode 237, 238, 239 on 26th, 27th, 28th Apr 2013) Let us not pray to be sheltered fromdanger but to be fearlesswhen facing them- Rabindranath Tagore Mumbai, 2002 Namrta Das


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