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Father’s biggest mistake was to contest on Cong ticket: Diya Kumari

Once a Congress loyalist and scion of erstwhile royals of Jaipur, Diya Kumari, not only joined BJP but also alleged that the Gandhi family has failed the nation in the last 10 years. Daughter of late Brig. Bhawani Singh, who was a close friend of Rajiv Gandhi, Kumari claims that Rahul is no match to the charisma of Narendra Modi. In an exclusive interview to Vishal Baristo, Diya says that the decision to switch over to BJP was bitter but inevitable. Excerpts from the interview.

Diya Kumari

Diya Kumari

Q. As the daughter of Brig. Bhawani Singh, a Congressman and a close friend of Rajiv Gandhi, how easy or difficult was it for you to switch your loyalties to BJP ?

A. It was a decision taken after much thought and deliberations. But Vasundhara Raje has been a great inspiration for all the women in the state and for me in Rajasthan. As far as the Congress is concerned, I feel greatly disappointed by their dismal performance both in the Centre and the state.

Q. Since you have had a long relationship with Congress, whom do you hold for its failure? Is it the present leadership?

A. Certainly the present leadership. Congress has now become synonymous with corruption and scams. It is not the party which Rajiv Gandhi led.

Q. Does it also hurt you to see the downslide of a party which your father was closely associated with?

A. Of course it does. Rajiv Gandhi was a great leader. And then after him, there were a lot of expectations from his son which he has failed to deliver. And now the country has not much hope left with the party and its present leadership.

Q. But Rahul is the only hope for Congress. How would you compare him with Narendra Modi?

A. No one in the country can be compared to Narendra Modi. Rahul definitely is no match for him.

Q. Let’s talk about the royalties from Rajasthan. Apart from Vasundhara Raje, you have two more women from Bikaner and Karauli who have both won the Assembly elections. Would you also like to step into their shoes?

A. Well both of them in spite of being first timers have proved their worth in the party. But it is too early to think about the elections. It is for the high command to take a decision.

Q. You also campaigned for your father in 1989 during parliamentary elections which was lost to the BJP. How helpful do you think that experience will be?

A. Well, every defeat is a learning experience. Yes, the campaigning experience with my father would surely help me and I would take care of the mistakes that he unconsciously committed during the elections that led to his defeat. And his biggest mistake was contesting the elections on a Congress ticket. It was a learning experience for me and that is why I have joined BJP and not Congress.

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