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Kashmiri Encounter Specialist Shiv Sharma Victim Of State Conspiracy?

Jammu and Kashmir: Seems like another “Green Revolution” is on the way in Kashmir waiting to be conducted in the Jammu region. A fresh anti-Indian overdrive, a strange shift of Indian intellect and media sympathy towards the jihadists, an obvious suppression of the pain of Kashmiri Pundits, an enhanced demand for removal of AFSPA and a covert game of changing the demography by weakening the Hindus of Jammu; are all the indications of a fresh assault on the nation. And for this purpose the rising heads of the Hindus are being crushed. This time the victim is a Doda based Sub Inspector Shiv Kumar Sharma.

encounter specialist shiv kumar sharma has been alleged that he carried out grenade attack on his police station

encounter specialist shiv kumar sharma has been alleged that he carried out grenade attack on his police station

The Jammu and Kashmir police has arrested its own officer on the charges of plotting a grenade attack on his own police station that happened last month. The police has claimed to have the information from a captured terrorist few days back. The terrorist has reportedly said that Sub-Inspector Shiv Kumar Sharma (Sonu) has used him to conduct the grenade attack on the police station when there was none inside the police station. According to the captured terrorist, SI Sonu’s motive was to earn cheap publicity by spreading the news that the attack was aimed at his assassination.
SI Sonu is now detained and an “investigation” is already underway to “find out” the “authenticity” of the claims by the captured terrorist. Rumor is that Sonu is being painfully tortured by the police in third degree methods. On the other hand the family of Sonu in his native village in Doda is being mentally harassed by the co-villagers and being taunted as being traitor to the nation and publicity hungry etc. However there are clear evidences of this incident being a case of conspiracy against the brave son of the soil. The cat is out of the basket when we look through his history.
Sonu is not just another cop like the next one in the next police post. Sonu was initially recruited in the Special Police Officer (SPO) with a pay of Rs. 1500/- but due to his constant excellence in his job and his potential he was employed as a regular constable in the police force and thus he finally elevated himself as a Sub-Inspector. He was the deadliest Encounter Specialist in the entire province. People used to call him “KPS Gill of Kashmir”. In his short span in the police force he has introduced around 200 jihadists to 72 Islamic Virgins each in the Islamic Paradise and 68 of those slain terrorists had most wanted tags. He received a number of bravery awards ranging from President’s gallantry award to police bravery medal to the bravery medal from the Army. Now the question is that why would he conduct such bomb blasts on police station “to get cheap publicity”? Is it needed to be highlighted that he is a threat to the jihadists or vice versa? Don’t his encounter stats and profiles shout his fame? Can a bomb-blast targeted to kill someone earn more publicity than the provincial and national level awards? It is really hard to believe that he really took up the risk of making his agent enter the high profile security area to conduct a silly attack that had high scope of being sabotaged. There was high probability that the agent would never make his way to escape. Even as we consider that Sonu forgot that he was a national-awardee police officer, he needed fame through cheap means, we have to make another assumption that he was not born with the common sense an encounter specialist is supposed to be born with. If I would be in the place of Sonu and I had a publicity-hunger, I would certainly get a fake threat-letter written to me and dispatched towards my office, but only after making sure that I was not a nationally awarded police officer and thus I really needed such cheap tactics. In simple words, the allegation of publicity-hunger doesn’t fit right in the case of Sonu. However his arrest was imminent be it on the charges of conducting a fake attack or anything else. For jihad to be continuing, the removal of the biggest threat against jihad was more than necessary. The jihadist elements in the state, in the form of mercenaries or in the form of state actors, be in Khaki or in Khadi, will directly benefit from this arrest. The traitor and jihad-sympathizer police of the state is not conducting an interrogation of the arrested police officer, they are just releasing their frustration they developed daily seeing Sonu killing their jihadist brothers like pigs. The kids have now grown up after the tiger has been trapped. The mute spectators now have the stick in their hand and the tiger being tied.
This is not an isolated event against Sonu but it is a trend against the honest and brave police officers who dare to resist the Islamic Terrorism in India. Be it DSP Shelly Singh or DCP Vinod Mehta, either they are victim of malign and conspiracy or they are eliminated. In 1984 the DCP of Kolkata Police, Vinod Mehta almost neutralized the jihadist and Islamic terrorist activities and base in Kolkata by cracking down the Muslim criminals at a time when they were potential enough to rape a random woman at broad daylight in middle of the road and chase the police back at Lalbazar Police Station (The office of Detective Department of West Bengal Police) and beat them inside their office. DCP was declared the enemy of Islam, just like the Muslims and Criminals are identical and cracking down crime means cracking down Islam and just like Islam and crime are identical and these people are the one who constantly bark that terrorism and crime has no religion. DCP Vinod Mehta was a part of the political conspiracy and when he reached the Khiderpur stronghold of Muslims, he was butchered there by the local Muslims by repeated strikes with daggers.
It is the fate of the dare devils who dare to raise their voice against Islamic forces. And in Kashmir, this is taking a new shape. The remaining Kashmiri Hindus are being targeted day to day by the state. A few months back three Kashmiri Pundit youths, from same Sharma community, were arrested on the charges of anti-Islamic blasphemy. They were arrested for being tagged in the pictures insulting the prophet of the Muslims. No media or human rights took their side who were forefront in barking for the Shaheen Dhada case, a girl who wasn’t the victim of anyone’s crime but were detained for their own acts. It is not the matter that Shaheedn’s arrest was just or unjust, she made a post but these Sharma-youths were just tagged by others, they actually did no such things. This is the hypocrisy of the media.
The Muslims have threatened the Sikhs to either embrace Islam or leave the valley and for the Hindus they have taken up the tactics of targeting, to make them feel insecure. After the incident on the Kishtwar youths, many of the Kashmiri Pundits inside the region have closed their Facebook accounts and have also shifted outside Kashmir due to insecurity of any other innovative assault from their “peaceful” Muslim neighbors. On the other hand the Kashmiri Muslims, Bangladeshi illegal Muslim infiltrators, Burmese Rohingya Muslims are being settled by so called secular and Muslim political parties in the Jammu region to create a demographic imbalance and pave the way for another “Green Revolution” by raping the Hindu women, impaling the Hindu children, killing the Hindu men just like they did in 1990’s.
For this, they need to demoralize the brave sons of the soil, the resistance forces and the conspiracy against SI Shiv Kumar Sharma is just a part of the game. A fair investigation must be launched, a national level investigation must be launched to find out what are the involvements of the jihadist elements present within the police establishment to victimize Sonu in this dark conspiracy. The truth must come out.

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