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Taxi service in Kerala by the women, for the women


Kerala Launched SHE TAXI - Service for Women travellers operated by women

Kerala has recently started an unique service of Taxi named as SHE TAXI , which is operated by the women &  for the women. She Taxi project is initiated by the Kerala state social welfare department. This social welfare department is also working for gender equality. 

The main objective of the programme is ,”Safe, secure and responsible travel for women ”  Currently only five taxis have been launched in Thiruvananthapuram city in the first stage. Cabs are be available through its 24 hour-Call Centre on all the days. The State Women’s Development Corporation provided loans to women to buy cars and Maruti Suzuki India Ltd trained the drivers. The tariff in She Taxis would be the same as other taxis. One of the officials said “Unlike many other government programmes, we are not giving them the vehicles free of cost. Instead, we make them buy the vehicles and loans will be arranged for that through Kerala State Women Development Corporation. It makes them more confident and responsible, She Taxi drivers need not wait for their commuters at any particular place. The commuters who want to hire a taxi cab can contact the call centre and they will pass the message to the drivers, he said. As per an estimate, a ‘she taxi’ driver would be able to earn Rs 20,000 per month after paying their loan instalments. The first women drivers of the fleet of cabs are Smt Annie Surendran, Smt Jaicy Ramesh, Smt Rasiya Begum Noushad, Smt Heera P, and Smt Asha Kumari.


Kerala Launched SHE TAXI - Service for Women travellers operated by women 3

Kerala Launched SHE TAXI - Service for Women travellers operated by women 2


She Taxi cabs are metered and have an electronic payment system allowing the user to pay using credit or debit cards or cash.  She taxi has come up with multiple security systems for the safety of the drivers as well as the passengers. A control room tracks the taxis in real-time using GPS; there are personal emergency alert switches for drivers and passengers inside the car; and a similar safety alert app is installed on the mobile phones of the women drivers. The cabs have a map of all emergency response systems in the city and public safety officers will be available for their assistance. The drivers will also be given training in self-defence as well as good driving practices.

As per the government , the number of cabs are expected to increase from 5 to 100 soon .
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