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Live Sudarshan TV

Live Sudarshan TV

Sudarshan TV


Sudarshan TV being a 24×7 News Channel is committed to deliver quality News Telecast each hour to reach all Indians across the country and abroad.
We are the ‘India’s Largest reporter Network Channel’ with our focus on Villages.
Equipped with Modern, State-of-the-art infrastructure, High end Communications Network and Satellite News Gathering we collect and deliver the news, yet we always give priority to the ‘Authenticity’ of the news over the ‘Speed’.
Our News presentation takes special care to deliver positive & progressive news that helps build social character of the Nation rather than telecasting heavy doses of crime news juxtaposed repeatedly with hype.
Sudarshan TV is a Future No1 channel with a Mission that is committed to make ‘India-That is BHARAT’ No 1.


9 Comments for “Live Sudarshan TV”


    thank you for kind public brodcasting bindas boll,

  2. vishwanath.s

    thanks programmes inspires, motivates people towards true Nationlism.

  3. Mohit

    कृपया टाटा स्काई पर सबस्क्राइब करने की विधि प्रसारित करे |

  4. rajesh More

    १. गिलानी ने अमरनाथ यात्रा के लिए सड़क का किया विरोध……
    २. सुषमा ने हज यात्रियों को विशेष सुविधा मतलब किराया कम और उपर से तौफा भी
    3. हिन्दुओं के लिए रेल किराया बढ़ाया -बहाना- देश की अर्थ व्यवस्था कमजोर है इसलिए स्तर पर लाने की कोशिश
    ….. क्या बात है अच्छे दिन में दिन में तारे ही तारे दिख रहे है .

  5. Sunita Neb

    Its really a pleasure to hv channel like Sudarshan! U people provide facts without any fear dats d spirit of being Hindu! Jai Shri Ram! n i salute u 4 Bindas Bol!!!

  6. Purushotham thakur

    paid aur hindu ke khilaf channalon ko bolti band.

    lage raho sudharshan channel.

  7. Purushotham thakur

    paid ki bolti band.

    lage raho sudharshan channel.

  8. Purushotham thakur

    paid channelon ki bolti band.

  9. This channel is showing truth & nationalism is par, will help to build India strong & arouse us always.
    We Indian always forgot history, learn from history. That is why looters rules here for 1100 years. Airse, awake & not stop still reach the goal…
    JAI HIND..

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